Kaminarimon (Kaminari Gate)

Kaminari gate It was originally built during the time of Tairan Kimimasa in the Year Teng Ngei 5 (year 942) and later moved to a new location. After being damaged by a major earthquake Has been rebuilt many times. Kaminari Gate currently receives donations from Matsushita Konosuke, the founder of Panasonic. And reconstructed in the 1960s

The big red lantern that symbolizes Kaminari's gate. Created by a lamp manufacturer in Kyoto. With the kaminari kanji carving that catches the eye before anything else. The red lamp is 3.9 meters high and 3.3 meters wide and weighs about 700 kilograms. It is a huge, spectacular lamp. And don't miss the exquisite dragon sculptures at the base