Inari Shrine

Inari Shrine (伏 見 稲 荷 大 社, Fushimi Inari Shrine) This shrine is the most popular. One of the most important parts of Kyoto is famous for its Torii Gate or the red gate pillars that line tens of thousands of shrines until it is a walkway throughout. Mount Inari That people believe is the sacred mountain In which the god Inari will represent fertility Rice harvest Including various crops and fields And often have foxes as buddy. Therefore not surprising to see many fox statues in the shrine

It is said that this shrine is very old, built before the construction of Kyoto. Expected to be around the year. 794 or more than a thousand years ago In addition to the highlights on the red gate posts, the shrine itself is equally interesting, both the Romon Gate in the front and the main building called Honden. Many thing Spread around the area And behind the shrine will be a walkway up the hill Covered with torii pillars The Red Torii pole came from donations from various parts both from individuals and organizations. Can be seen from the letters behind the pillars With prices starting from a few hundred yen for a small pillar To many millions of yen for large pillars

Not only the main parts of interest, but also on the way to see a small shrine along the way. Even small red torii pillows are also seen, which come from the general public. If tired, then there are local building shops and snack shops that sell set meals. But there is a special feature to be named to the fox theme such as Sushi Fox or Fox Udon. Most of the tourists tend to like to walk around Mount Inari just to the viewpoint called Yotsutsuji Intersection. So you can see the beautiful Kyoto city and breathe fresh air at the same time. Because if going to walk all over the mountain, it may take 2-3 hours to walk.